Our vision is to make manifest the Kingdom of God to the nations of the world and to express the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With Sacred Scripture and the Sacred Traditions of the Church as our guide, we seek to experience the full nature of the living, historic Catholic Church in its sacramental communion with a personal God, its charismatic joy in the Spirit, and its evangelical zeal to share our blessed hope with all people. 

We are  not just Churches, We are Cities of Refuge...

AOCC American Catholic Community


Sunday Mass 9:00 AM | Bible Study  Wed. 7:00 PM

Baptisms, Sacramental Preparation, Spiritual Direction, Call for schedule and appointment.

Bishop Dan Gincig
Deacon Rueben Smith
Father Rueben Smith
Abbess Rathel Gincig
Abbess Rathel Gincig

Order of St. Michael and Mary